Nova Sleep Co

NYU Why Rent


Doing it yourself Rent from us
The Bed $1000+ retail value for a premium bed Premium ultra-comfort foam mattress
The Frame $200+ retail value for a standard frame, boxspring & risers We provide a custom frame
Storage $50/month * 3 months * 4 years We store the bed for you!
Moving Stress and hassle of moving a bulky bed every semester White glove delivery and installation
Flexibility Don't need the bed anymore? Want a semester off? You're still stuck with it. Rent from us for only the semesters that you need!
$1500+ and a lot of hard work From $400/year with zero hassle


College students are constantly moving apartments, going abroad, and changing beds. Purchasing a new bed and frame each time is economically and environmentally inefficient. Renting a brand new full or queen bed from us removes the hassle and cost of delivery, pickup, installation, and disposal.

Rent an affordable, brand new premium mattress with frame included from us for only as long as you need. Let us take care of everything and have it ready for you 1-2 days before school starts.



We would all take a pill that makes us smarter, more energetic, happier, and even better looking. Sleep does just that! Sleep quality is just as important, if not more important, than sleep quantity. Invest in yourself and upgrade your mattress.

Find out more about how our beds use cutting edge sleep tracking and cooling technology to dramatically increase your sleep performance and quality here. Make 5 hours feel like 8!