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  • Featuring dynamic, self-adjusting cooling and heating to keep you at the perfect temperature all night long.

Smart Bed

  • The original Smart Bed designed to help you track and improve your sleep habits.

The Saturn

A luxurious, medium-firm memory foam mattress.

Never too hot/cold

The Pod features personalized temperature regulation on each side. Choose from a full range of temperatures, between 55 and 115F.

Sleep Tracking

Tracks over 15 factors critical to understanding sleep health including deep sleep, REM deep sleep, heart rate, and respiratory rate.

Temperature Control

The Smart Coach identifies your personal optimal sleeping temperature and dynamically adjusts throughout the night to ensure longer and more consistent Deep and REM sleep.

Smart Alarm

The smart mattress finds the optimal point in your sleep cycle to trigger the alarm, alleviating the tired and groggy feeling in the morning.


The Pod

Through its proprietary technology, the Pod optimizes the temperature to keep you thermoneutral.  

Bed in a box

Traditional beds absorb body heat causing its surface temperature to rise continuously during the night.


With proprietary sensors embedded in the mattress, the Smart Coach analyzes your sleep patterns and bio signals and provides you personalized feedback to improve sleep habits and quality.

Bed The Pod Smart Bed Saturn
Layers 5 Layers 4 Layers 3 Layers
Memory Mattress Quality Dense, Super Premium Dense, Premium Dense, Premium
Temperature Regulation Technology Fluid based thermoelectric
heating + cooling system
Thermoelectric heating system no
Sleep Tracking yes yes no
App yes yes no
Thermo Alarm yes yes no
Sleep Coach yes yes no


Why do I need a smart mattress?

    • Our smart mattresses track 15-16 biometric variables critical to understanding sleep quality. Some of those features are heart rate variability, point in the sleep cycle, surface temperature of the mattress etc.

How does sleep tracking improve my sleep?

The Sleep Coach in Eight Sleep’s app performs a comprehensive 30 day analysis of your sleep quality and patterns to determine what factors are contributing to poor sleep. The sleep coach will utilize machine learning to identify specific issues and to propose remedies and prompts to guide you towards improving your sleep habits and quality. In addition you would receive daily, weekly, monthly trends and correlations for all your personal sleep, diet and activity metrics. You also get personalized coaching, programs, and experiments based on your metrics. The Eight Sleep app also has premium temperature features, a growing library of mindfulness, relaxation, and sleep-related content. It will be your one-stop app for all things sleep.

How does the Pod’s temperature regulation work?

The Pod runs water through the Active Grid layer between 55 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are the benefits of the smart alarm?

    • The Pod and Smart Bed will find the optimal point in your sleep cycle to wake you up to minimize the tired and groggy feeling in the morning.

How does the Thermo Alarm work?

The Thermo Alarm will either raise or lower the temperature of the mattress until you wake up.

Do the Pod and Smart Bed work for two people?

Both the Pod and Smart Bed are perfect for couples! The sleep tracking and temperature regulation works independently for both sides of the mattress.

Do I need an outlet for the Pod and Smart Bed?

    • The Pod and Smart Bed need to be plugged into an outlet to enable their temperature regulation and sleep tracking features.

How does the Pod mattress composition differ from the Smart Bed?

Both the Pod and Smart Bed are medium firm mattresses best suited for most sleep preferences.

What are the differences between the Pod and Smart Bed?

    • The Pod is our most advanced sleep system offering the latest sensor technology for biometric tracking as well as our proprietary dynamic cooling and heating, enabled by the Active Grid layer. The Smart Bed is our original smart mattress with sleep tracking, dynamic heating, and smart home integration.

What if I want to purchase an Eight Sleep Mattress?

You can purchase a mattress from Eight Sleep on their website