Nova Sleep Co



Are the mattresses clean?

Our mattresses are brand new.

Are frames included?

Yes. A frame is included with every mattress.

Who moves the mattresses?

Our campus partners and professional movers provide complementary white glove installation and delivery of all our mattresses to both on campus and off campus locations.

When do move-ins and move-outs happen?

Move-ins occur at a time period YOU select. When you order your bed, you'll tell us which semester(s) you need it for and when you'll arrive to campus. We'll reach out to you from there to coordinate a specific time to deliver the bed. At the end of your rental term, we'll contact you again to come pick it up. Easy!

How do move-ins work?

We work hard to make the installation process completely hassle-free. Simply be present during the time period YOU select, and we'll be in and out to set up your bed for you. If your living arrangement requires someone to help let us in, we'll work with you to set that up.

How firm are your mattresses?

All of our mattresses are designed to be comfortable for the widest range of sleepers at medium firmness.

Can I rent a bed if I don't live off campus?

Unfortunately not. Please request that your housing administration approves this if this is a service that you would like to operate on campus.

What if I move?

Please notify us of your new location 2 weeks in advance. We will be able to store the mattress for you and deliver it to your new location when required.

Do you have discounts for ... ?

We are happy to partner with fraternities, sororities, clubs, and any other campus organizations to offer discounted pricing for high-volume orders. If you're in a situation that might qualify or have a specific discount request, fill out our contact form.

How can I contact you?

We'd love to hear from you if you have a question, comment, or concern. Just fill out our contact form or contact our social media accounts located at the bottom of every page.

Can I use regular sheets?

Yes. You can use regular sheets with all of our mattresses. You can also purchase a set from us that will be delivered with your bed.

Why is sleeping at lower temperatures important?

The temperature underneath the sheets of traditional mattresses can regularly exceed 90-100 degrees, making it difficult to reach deeper stages of sleep. Sleeping in a dark, and cool environment is the most effective way to improve the quality of sleep and ensure you spend more time in REM and deep sleep.

What happens if I damage the mattress?

If we determine that the mattress and frame have been improperly damaged beyond customary wear and tear, we will charge a replacement fee.