Nova Sleep Co

Affiliate Program

Interested in making money and promoting Nova Sleep Co's products? Are you good at sales and have a lot of friends or a greek organization, sports team or club who might be interested in renting from us? Become a Nova Sleep Co Affiliate! Once you sign up for an account, you'll be given a link that you can share with your friends, social media accounts, basically whoever you think might be interested in our products. You will receive 5% of each order placed using your link. Get paid directly to your bank account or Venmo. 

Create an affiliate profile through our affiliate program by heading to this link: When you sign up, one of our operation team members will approve your membership and create you a unique affiliate link and discount code, which you’ll receive in your email. If you haven’t received one, please contact or Your sales will then be tracked through both these channels so we can get the most accurate value for the number of sales you and your Student Affiliates have made.

Recommended places to post: Instagram, Twitter, Class Facebook Groups, Team/Club/Fraternity GroupMe chats, message your friends directly etc.