Nova Sleep Co


College students are faced with a terrible dilemma. Either they live on campus and sleep in cramped and uncomfortable twin XL “bed”, or they live off campus and are faced with the hassle of buying a new mattress every year, only to not need it the next.

At Nova Sleep Company, we are passionate about improving students' sleep quality by providing them the products necessary to do so. As college students ourselves, we know that in general, college students don't exactly have ideal sleep habits. We've created Nova Sleep Co to improve the quality of the little sleep we do get to improve our overall well-being as students, whether it be in the classroom, on the field, or in general.

Remove the stress and expense and rent a premium memory foam mattress and frame from us. Let our white glove delivery and pickup take care of the rest. It’s cost effective, convenient. and we can guarantee you'll sleep better because of it.

Interested in joining our team and bringing our service to your University? Contact us to chat about how you can contribute.